Healthy Living

4-H healthy living programs help 4-H youth learn how to lead lives that balance physical, mental, and emotional health. 4-H healthy living programs are available through local 4-H clubs and through grant-funded programs. Focus areas for 4-H healthy living programs include nutrition, childhood obesity, drug awareness, bullying prevention, health and fitness, safety, stress management, and food science.

4-H healthy living programs and enrollment are managed by local offices – find a local 4-H office near you. For questions regarding 4-H healthy living programs, pleasecontact your local 4-H office. Use our healthy events checklist to make your 4-H events healthy.

About 4-H Healthy Living Programs

4-H healthy living programs are designed to help 4-H youth learn about living a healthy lifestyle through fun, hands-on activities and projects. Youth participate in 4-H healthy living programs through schools, 4-H clubs, and camps.

4-H healthy living activities and subject areas include (but are not limited to)

Good eating Habits



What are Habits?What's the color?

Importance of Nutritional Food(Activity)The Popeye Show

Know your food chart-Organizing Food Group

Fruit Poems


The six essentials of your body-What do you eat?

Nutrients Scramble

Brainstorming Breakfast

Plan a breakfast Revisions


Snack Attack

Grainy Brainy

Break up the Fast

Vegitarianism in a Nutshell/Revisions

MOD 10

Brainstorming Breakfast/Six Essential Nutrients

The truth about Vitamins,Steroids and Supplement

Energy Drinks and Foods

Exercise,Eat and Rest/Revisions