Empowered Citizens Engaged in Community Leadership

4-H Citizenship programs empower young people to be well-informed citizens who are actively engaged in their communities and the world. By providing them with opportunities to connect to their communities and adult leaders, youth gain a clear understanding of their role in civic affairs and are able to build their decision-making ability.

This solid foundation helps youth understand and acquire the skills that will allow them to become astute leaders for the 21st Century.


Joy Of Giving


Know your friend-What is Joy of Giving

A Way to share-Joy of Giving

A Fun Game-Joy of Giving

Technology challenge-Time to talk


Give a Joy/Give a life/Helping Hand

Helping other's first

Giving in a style

Humanity is alive-Time to talk

Group 7

Meaning of life with inspiration session Technology Challange

A Ray of Hope i.e NGO

Giving- Starts with our Nature and Country

Technology Challange-Time to talk

Group 10

Giving makes a difference!!!

Be a Volunteer

Serving Poor

Clean India,Green India-Time to talk